Clark County Right to Life

from conception until natural death

 "You can help women say YES to life."

Clark County Fair 

                                                               August  2-11, 2024

  • Free admission/parking passes for volunteers.
  • Two volunteers for each shift.
  • Each shift lasts from 4 to 4 ½ hours. 

Interested in volunteering?

Call/text Gerry at 360-831-7542 or email

Some inspiring CCRTL newsletter stories from pro-life volunteers.....

"You can help women say YES to life." (June 2016)

First time fair volunteer shares her story  (Jan. 2017)

Touching the head through the heart  (Jan. 2016)

She kept her baby (Jan. 2019)  

“I always look forward to the Fair Booth. This year, a woman came by to view the booth and tell us that (a number of years ago) because of the soft babies in our display and the pleasant people in the booth, she kept her baby. She said that she couldn't be more proud of her son. He is so devoted to her mother (who is now 82) and when they are together, he holds his grandmother's hand…. She told us that keeping the baby was one of the greatest joys of her life.”

Ed and Kay Rush

Thanks to all whose time, talent and treasure helped save this life. Thanks to Ann Makar who scheduled over 60 volunteers.