Life-saving billboards in Clark County

Big recent change from our billboard advertising company....they now  require 24 week minimum display costing $ 7,500 for static, $6,000 for a dynamic billboard...or both for $12,500. 

Donations needed.

"Going Local" with educational life-affirming poster

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The toll free number connects with National Life Center Inc. ,a Christian-based organization (since 1970) that is parent corporation of 1st Way Pregnancy Centers throughout the country. It also operates a national toll-free hotline and provides free and confidential counseling and guidance to mothers facing pregnancy. Any Clark County resident calling them will also receive contact information for the three pregnancy resource centers in our area. 

Please note the previous contact number (OptionLine) 800-712-HELP is still in operation and still provides 24/7 service. However, they now only mention one of the three pregnancy resource centers in Clark County. The new number (National Life Center) 800-848-LOVE mentions all three. And that is why the change was made.