Clark County Right to Life

from conception until natural death


Roe v Wade Memorial at Clark County Courthouse January 2020 

Listen to voices of women who grieve over their abortion HERE 

What about men whose child is aborted? HERE 

If only they had known about local pregnancy resources HERE.   

If only they had seen their baby and heard the heartbeat HERE. 

If only a doctor had explained what abortion does...see below.

If only someone had gotten involved HERE.

 What's new....
"Rachel's Corner" bulletin message for Aug. 15. "Have you cried out to help you with what you have been feeling and thinking since the abortion?"  Call Project Rachel for a compassionate and confidential conversation (English 206-920-6413 or Espanol 206-450-7814).  
Let your church community know that nothing, including abortion, is beyond God's mercy and healing. To receive these  messages (in English and Spanish) email
Human Life of Washington is looking for a local supporter in the Clark County area to spearhead organizing a venue and funding and advertising for the live drama Viable about suffering and healing after an abortion.  You can watch this 70 minute play HERE or 14 minutes of highlights with audience reactions HERE.  Ready to step up? Want to learn more? Contact Human Life office by phone at (253) 517-7733 or email  Ask to speak with Esther Ripplinger, Executive Director.
Ongoing "Billboard Going Local"project to place "Pregnant? You are not alone" posters in homes, churches, schools and businesses. 
July CCRTL Newsletter  includes articles by Board member Jennifer Dickson (pg.1) and President Tina Bock (pg.2). Tina and her family are moving out of state in July. She joined CCRTL in 2008 and has been President since 2012. We thank her for her dedication to the cause of life. She will be missed. 
August Clark County Fair cancelled again for this August.     Looking forward to August 5-14, 2022.  
Sept. 8 CCRTL Board Annual Meeting  Wednesday 6:30-7:30 PM (PDT). Election of Board members/officers for one year term beginning Oct.1st. Contact Us to be part of this ZOOM meeting.
Sept. 22- Oct. 31 40 Days for Life  
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Questions about abortion? Ex-abortion doctor uses line drawings to explain. (No graphic pictures)
RU 486 drugs

CCRTL is an educational and advocacy organization, non-sectarian, non-partisan and non-profit 501 (c) 4. Our all-volunteer group welcomes anyone who shares our conviction that every human being has a God-given inalienable right to life which should be protected by law and respected in fact from conception until natural death.

CCRTL educates the public about the humanity of the unborn child, the inhumanity of abortion and local life-affirming resources to assist parents in caring for their children before and after birth.

CCRTL's goal: Every human life from conception until natural death respected in fact, supported in need and protected by law.

We are a chapter of Human Life of Washington and we follow their Policy of Peace. Human Life is affiliated with the National Right to Life Committee