Stand Up For Life

40 Days for Life 

 World-wide 40 Days for Life spring campaign (Feb. 14-March 25) ended on a high note...618 lives saved. Since 2007 14,643 "saves" (that we know of.) 

Vancouver 40 Days for Life says “Thank You” to all who prayed and offered sacrifices at home and those who prayed and offered life-affirming alternatives to abortion across the street from Vancouver’s Planned Parenthood which does “RU 486” pill abortions on-site and refers for surgical abortions to PP in Portland.  You were part of a world-wide effort which reported 618 babies in 354 locations whose mothers rejected abortion and chose life! In many cases, all it took was the simple act of showing up to pray on the sidewalk.
Thanks to all who attended the closing get together March 24 at Pied Piper Pizza. Many asked for a copy of the Litany for Life we prayed together. 
At the suggestion of Jennifer Dickson many bags of baby clothes were collected for Options 360.
More info at www.40daysforlife.com and at www.clarkrtl.org (40 Days for Life page).  The next campaign starts Sept. 26.
 Upcoming Events
Next CCRTL meeting July 18 6:30-8pm. Call Gerry at 360-831-7542 for location.
Clark County Fair Volunteer Orientation Meeting July 23 5:30-6:30pm in the Community Room of the Cascade Park Library 600 NE 136 Ave. 
CCRTL Exhibit at Clark County Fair August 3-12, 2018. Contact Ann Makar, Fair exhibit scheduler at amakar1@gmail.com or call 360-910-1907.

Recent Educational Events  
 August 4-13 CCRTL Fair booth at the Clark County Fair. Thanks to the 60+ volunteers who helped change minds and hearts about abortion.
April 22 Annual Oregon RTL Conference held at Holiday Inn Airport. CCRTL had an exhibit there.
January 9: "A Voice for Life", on DVD, the testimony of  Melissa Ohden whose mother had a saline abortion in 1977. Melissa survived. Cascade Park Library Community Room. 
  August 5-14, CCRTL Fair Booth at the Clark County Fair. Thanks to our 60+ volunteers who helped change minds and hearts about legalized abortion.   
June 20: "A Former Abortion Clinic Owner Looks At Abortion", on DVD, the testimony of Carol Everett who witnessed 35,000 abortions. Cascade Park Library Community Room. 
April 9: CCRTL table-top exhibit at Oregon RTL Conference.
 April 2: Multicultural Fair at Clark College in Vancouver.

  Life-Saving Information
Pregnant and need help? Local Pregnancy Resource Centers
Questions about abortion? Ex-abortion doctor uses line drawings to explain. (No graphic pictures)                                           Pills    Suction    D&E     Induction
Clark County Right to Life, PO Box 1652, Vancouver, WA 98668 Our email is 4life@clarkrtl.org. For more information call/text Gerry Parmantier, RN, Treasurer at 360-831-7542
We are the local chapter of Human Life WA State  which is our state's affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee.