Recent Events

April 2, Saturday, noon to 5pm. Multicultural Spring Resource Fair in Gaiser Hall at Clark College. CCRTL had a table with bilingual prolife literature and a lot of "Precious Baby" models representing the 10-12 week pre-born child....we gave away about 50 including the prenatal development info card. And we had two young ladies who want to help with our exhibit at the   Clark County Fair August 5-14.
April 9.  Over 500 people attended the Oregon Right to Life Conference in Portland at the Airport Holiday Inn. To see the conference presentations (when available) go to http://www.ortl.org/ and click on "Events". You can also view the winning entries in the student essay, drawing and video creating contests. We gave away over 50 of the pre-born 12 week babies and the accompanying Precious One card detailing developmental milestones. Thank you, Oregon Right to Life. You give hope to all who cherish life and work for the day when every life will be respected in fact and protected by law. .
June 20, Monday, 5:30 - 6:15 at the Cascade Park Library Community Room. "A former abortion clinic owner looks at abortion." Why did Carol Everett get into the abortion industry...why did she stay...why did she leave? Over 20 people attended this presentation...over half were high school/college age. Carol Everett's presentation of abortion techniques using the actual tools of the trade and letting the audience use their imaginations was very effective. She herself was forced to abort her third child by her husband and doctor. This led to a divorce and she started working in an abortion business and then ended up owning several. In 6 years she "witnessed" about 35, 000 abortions including one mother's death (never reported) and 18 hysterectomies and/or colostomies. Two most common questions women and girls asked before the abortion: is it a baby and will it hurt. Her answer: no and no. She wanted to become a millionaire. Now she wants to share her story so others can make an "informed" decision. The MC of the event, Gerry Parmantier, RN (retired) suggested one website for follow up: Abortion is the UnChoice unwanted, unsafe, unfair.
                                              Upcoming Events
August 5-14, CCRTL Fair Booth at the Clark County Fair. Read about the Fair in our current newsletter online.
August 22, CCRTL Board meeting 6:30-7:45 PM, Community room at Cascade Park Library at 600 NE 136th Ave, Vancouver. Newcomers welcome.
 Life-Saving Information
Pregnant and need help? Local Pregnancy Resource Centers
Questions about abortion? Dr. Levatino explains the procedures.  
Clark County Right to Life, PO Box 1652, Vancouver, WA 98668 Our email is 4life@clarkrtl.org 
We are the local affiliate of Human Life WA State  which is our state's affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee.