Meet our Board of Directors 

We meet bi-monthly and serve one year terms (October 1 thru Sept 30). Our bylaws provide for up to 6 directors who are nominated/elected at our annual meeting in September. Our meetings are open to the public. Email for date/time/place.

President Tina Bock

Tina has been active with CCRTL since 2008, first elected to the board in 2010 and then as president in 2012. Having grown up in Vancouver, she currently lives downtown with her husband Greg, and their four children. She became a stay at home mom since early in her first pregnancy in 2006, and has since worked from home as a sales director. Her family enjoys playing games, outdoor activities and trips to the Oregon Coast. The Bocks are parishoners at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Vancouver, where her oldest son also attends school.

Since becoming a mom, her pro-life stance has been taken to a whole new level. Pro-life issues have become her passion and what she feels God has called her to do. She holds that "the issue of abortion is an axis for most of our political topics: it effects health care, taxes, economy, immigration, foreign policy and many more. It is important that people stay informed and understand that you can call it a 'one-issue' vote, but that one issue is going to have an effect on everyone - not just women making a 'private decision.'"

In October 2008, she became involved with the No on I-1000 (No Assisted Suicide) campaign and felt that God had definitely led her in the right direction - to protect life. When the campaign was defeated in November of that year, she knew she had to be more proactive. That is when she started attending CCRTL meetings (December 2008) and became a board member in February 2009.

Currently, Tina is actively looking to expand the local network of pro-lifers by having a call to action. She plans to hold public forums and have the community more actively involved in awareness. 

Tina believes that today, the most important topic for all pro-life groups is how the new health care laws are affecting the Right to Life. While some call it "free health care", there is no such thing. Americans are being forced into insurance plans that cover things that they don't want, need or are morally and ethically opposed to. The laws have thrown the door wide open for euthanasia and abortion with no limits. The unborn, weak and elderly of our country are in grave danger unless people become aware of how our laws work in daily life.

 Vice-President Dorothy Gill

was born and raised in Vancouver. Having received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in '82 in St. Louis, she worked as technician in a Neurology Lab at University of Chicago until '84. She has been married for 26 years and has four sons. Dorothy currently homeschools her three youngest and is in charge of communications for parish a homeschool group, as well as being the full time care giver for an elderly parent.

Upon her return to Vancouver in '84, Dorothy became an active member with Clark County Right to Life. After two years of membership involvement she began what is now her continuous service on the board. he has served mostly as treasurer, but also two years as president. In addition, Dorothy served on the Board of Directors for Human Life of Washington in the late 80's for 2 or 3 years. In '91, she was spokesperson for the ? No on 120? campaign, which opposed making abortion a state right if Roe v. Wade were to be overturned. She identifies herself as a "single issue voter and political volunteer - pro-life," Dorothy believes the most pressing issue for pro life groups to address today is the ..."absence of a moral code. Life Principles is the educational foundation we need to teach to youth and adults. Arguing life issues with anecdotes is not productive because it is relativist. We need a bottom line, an understanding of why the right to life is inalienable."

Treasurer  Gerry Parmantier, RN (retired)

Gerry has lived in Vancouver since 1963 and with his wife has raised a family of four.  A registered nurse since 1975 (and an LPN and US Army medical corpsman before that) he was the CCRTL President from 1975-85...busy with family life, work as an RN (in hospital, nursing home and high school vocational), annual Clark County Fair prolife exhibits, Speaker's Bureau, Newsletter, Candidate Surveys and letters to the editor of the Columbian.

He supported the fledgling beginnings of Birthright back in the 1970's. Since retiring after 27 years with Providence Portland (the last 21 as a Home Health RN) he returned to "active duty" as Treasurer of CCRTL.

He is also local coordinator for the 40 Days for Life campaign. 

America, he believes, rejects her own mission when she rejects respect and legal protection for innocent human life in the womb. "Refuse to choose" both mother and child.

 Secretary position open as of Oct. 1, 2018

Member at Large Jennifer Dickson

Member at Large Dave Johnson 


Former Board Members: Ann Makar, Ruth Morgan, Laura Jackson, Joan Oser, Rian Girard, Sandy Blanton, Dave Johnson, Steve Mosier