You are not alone 

local pregnancy resources

Free pregnancy tests in a caring and confidential setting with the option of continuing support during/after the pregnancy

214 East 17th St, Vancouver  

221 NE 104 Ave, Ste. 209, Vancouver

1706 W. Main St., Battle Ground

Pathways Pregnancy Clinic
2926 E Street, Washougal 

Maternity homes

New Beginnings      (360) 989-0280
Vida's Ark Maternity Home      (360) 695-3681
National 24/7 Pregnancy Helpline 800-712-4357
Other resources during pregnancy 
Raising Kids on a Shoestring (A women-centered approach.)
Getting the Facts About Abortion:
Pills    Suction      D&E        Induction
Getting the Facts About Your Local Abortion Clinic  HERE
Gabriel Project: Call 1-888-926-2643
Local parish-based Moms helping Moms with challenging pregnancies