What You Can Do

To help create a society where every human life (from conception until natural death) is respected in fact and protected by law.

ü About Us:     Modern science/medicine & U.S. history support being a “voice for life from conception until natural death”.

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ü Action Alert:  Pro-life legislative proposals to support.

ü Are You Pregnant?   Find help for a challenging pregnancy. Support local pregnancy resource centers with time & treasure.

ü Post Abortion Resources:    Find healing & hope. Offer support.

ü Compassionate End of Life Care:   Find help. Offer support.

ü Adoption:   Consider adoption as birth-mother or adoptive parent. Support birth mothers and adoptive parents.

ü 40 Days for Life:  Signup to offer life affirming alternatives at local abortion businesses fall/spring. Support with fasting and prayer.

ü Get Informed:  Contact Speakers Bureau for a presentation to your church/community/school/club. Sign up for national email alerts.

ü Get Involved:  Change the “pregnancy culture” at your school or workplace. Organize a pro-life training. Start pro-life school club.

ü  CCRTL Exhibits:  Help at our Clark County Fair booth in August.

ü CCRTL Roe v Wade Memorial:  Attend with friends in January.

ü Local & National Resources   Learn from LIFEPAC & Susan B Anthony list where candidates stand on the life issues. VOTE!

ü Donate Now:    Your donation helps us spread the pro-life message.

 Non-partisan and non-sectarian from National Right to Life thru Human Life of WA State to our local affiliate CCRTL. Passionately believe in the Right to Life (from conception until natural death) affirmed in the Declaration of Independence which also affirmed that Government exists to protect God-given inalienable rights.