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What is hospice?

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What is ‘hospice’?    Hospice is comfort care at the end of life. Hospice care is provided when a doctor says that a patient most likely has six months or less to live. In addition, the patient has to be ineligible for or is no longer receiving curative or aggressive treatment. With hospice philosophy, the focus changes from curing an illness to managing symptoms, with a primary goal of comfort. Hospice is holistic care, addressing all aspects of a patient’s needs: physical, spiritual, and emotional. It also provides support to family members during and after the dying process.Our Hospice Team can include: Registered Nurse (1-3 times each week); Hospice Aides to help with bathing (2x each week); Medical Social Workers to provide emotional support and assist with accessing community resources; Chaplain services if desired;Specially trained volunteers.Home hospice care takes place wherever a person lives - in a private home, an adult foster home, an assisted living community, or a nursing facility. Our inpatient facility, the Ray Hickey Hospice House, is an option for patients with acute or respite care needs.

Hospice Volunteers  Receive Training and Ongoing support. Veterans especially welcome to volunteer.
Living Will vs. Will to Live : Information about "advanced directives"
Informed: an introductory tool to help patients, families and surrogates to more fully participate in interacting with doctors and other health professionals. Topics include: an advanced directive that may save your life; understanding POLST; questions to ask the hospice agency before you select one; misuse of opioids and sedatives. Read online or order copy HERE. 
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