(Jan. 2018)
Washington State Legislature introduces several bills which expand abortion funding and violate conscience rights. For more information about HB 2409 (abortion mandatory in all state health insurance) and other state legislation go to Human Life WA State site HERE
(Nov. 2017)
Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act just passed the US House of Representatives and was introduced into the US Senate with 47 sponsors. 

NEEDED: our Senators to vote YES on S. 1922. Use the National Right to Life Committee webpage HERE to get informed and communicate your position to Senators Murray and Cantwell. 

Sample message below... Very important to respond to their response to you. You never know whose mind will be changed or heart touched by your communication. 

Dear Senator,

     Please vote YES on S. 1922, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act which would protect unborn children 20 weeks after conception from the very painful process of abortion. At this stage of development the baby must be dismembered before the body parts can be removed through the birth canal. This appears to be an example of "cruel and unusual punishment" which is prohibited by the US Constitution.

Thank you for your consideration of this humane legislation.