A Voice for Life from conception........

We educate the public about the humanity of the pre-born child, the inhumanity of abortion and the life-affirming alternatives to abortion.
See and read about the Biology of Human Development HERE.
Dr. Anthony Levatino explains abortion procedures using line-drawings. No graphic pictures.  HERE
 US Supreme Court excluded the pre-born from legal protection in 1973 and over 50 million innocent lives have been killed since then. Read about the Abortion Rulings HERE.
Read about a previous mistaken 1857 Supreme Court Ruling (Dred Scott) HERE.  
A Voice for Life until natural death.... 
We also educate the public about the humanity of the terminally ill and life-affirming alternatives to physician assisted suicide and euthanasia.  HERE.
In 2008 our state legalized physician-assisted suicide, thus violating the healing role of physicians and excluding an entire class of persons, those judged terminally ill, from legal protections given to all other citizens who request medical help to kill themselves. Read the first state report (2010) HERE. 
See Baby inside mother's womb  Ver Bebe dentro utero de madre
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 Clark County Right to Life is the local affiliate of Human Life of Washington State which is affiliated with the National Right to Life Committee. We are all volunteers and meet bi-monthly. Our meetings are open to the public. We are a non-profit 501 (c) 4.
Non-partisan and non-sectarian. Passionately believe in the Right to Life (from conception until natural death) affirmed in the Declaration of Independence which also affirmed that Government exists to protect God-given inalienable rights.
Pregnancy resource centers
214 East 17th St, Vancouver
Options 360 I-205 Clinic
221 NE 104 Ave, Ste. 209, Vancouver
Options 360    Battle Ground
1706 W. Main St., Battle Ground
Pathways Pregnancy Clinic
2926 E Street  Washougal