Protect Life Youth Crusaders (and their parents) from St. James Church join in prayer at the vigil site. 

16,004 lives saved world-wide (and these are just the ones we know about) since 2007.
     First Vancouver campaign in 2009 saw a couple change their plan to abort their baby when they saw our volunteers praying on the sidewalk. "My girlfriend and I have decided to give our baby up for adoption." 

Hearts broken by abortion begin to hope and heal. In 2017 a lady told us about her abortion over 20 years ago.  Our response: “We grieve for your loss.” She said: “No one has ever said that to me before.” We prayed with her asking our heavenly Father to forgive and heal us. Then she thanked us for praying for her baby and took our packet of literature with post-abortion healing information inside.

We pray, fast and offer life-affirming alternatives to abortion from the public right of way on NE 116th Ave. one block north  of Mill Plain across from PP abortion center.

Everyone can commit to pray and fast and offer a sacrifice daily during the 40 day campaign which begins Sept. 25 (Wednesday). Opening rally Sept. 21 (Saturday) 2-3 pm at vigil site. Closing get together (bring baby shower gifts) Nov. 2 (Saturday) 2-4 pm Pied Piper Pizza, 12300 NE Fourth Plain Blvd.

Contact the Day Captain listed below to sign up for Prayer Vigil.
Times indicate volunteer present and signs in place.
If you show up and no one else is there, contact the Day Captain and feel free to remain in your car and pray.
Our goal is 6 am--6 pm daily for 40 days.                  
We need more volunteers to reach this goal.   
Monday 9am-4pm
Mary Lou Pinkerton

Tuesday 10am-6pm 
Frank and Pat Waite
 Frank 360-666-1947 Pat 206 353 5678
Tuesday 10am-6pm Dan Dougherty360-448-9165  

Wednesday 11am-6pm Gerry Parmantier
360-831-7542  gerry1968@q.com
Thursday 9am-4pm
Gerry Parmantier

360-831-7542  gerry1968@q.com
Friday 9am-4pm
Ed Rush

Volunteer needed
Call local coordinator 
Volunteer NeededCall local coordinator


Local Coordinator Gerry Parmantier call/text at 360-831-7542 or email gerry1968@q.com

www.40daysforlife.com/ for national updates and daily devotionals

Everyone who participates in this campaign will be asked to sign the Statement of Peace . If this Statement does not reflect your approach, please refrain from joining our volunteers at the Prayer Vigil Site during the 40 Days for Life campaign hours. Thank you.    

RIP Father Ron Wasowski, CSC, who passed away in December 2016. He taught environmental science at the University of Portland. He was a faithful supporter of 40 Days for Life speaking at many closing ceremonies. And he spoke up for life at the University of Portland. His obituary HERE. His student newspaper article HERE. 


Pregnancy resource centers
214 East 17th St, Vancouver
Options 360    I-205 Clinic
221 NE 104 Ave, Ste. 209, Vancouver
Options 360    Battle Ground
1706 W. Main St., Battle Ground
Pathways Pregnancy Clinic
2926 E Street Washougal